Visual testing

In spite of all the technological developments in inspection methods, there is a wide range of situations in which visual testing is the option that can deliver sufficient data to inform the operation and maintenance process. Through Visual Inspection, material errors at the surface can indicate issues such as fractures or cracks.

Our solution
Applus RTD's expert staff has many years of field experience in the delivery of detailed visual inspection and the preparation of inspection procedures and specifications. We are able to offer conclusions on the quality and condition of assets and equipment, as well as for welds or the welding processes employed at worksites worldwide.

Visual testing can be deployed for:

  • Metal industry: inspection of castings for further treatment, surface condition of boreholes, inspection of welds in pressure vessels
  • Chemical industry: inspection of gas cylinders, pipes, tanks for cracks and defects due to corrosion
  • Nuclear industry: inspection of heat exchanger cooling channels and cooling fins, inspection of tools and equipment for handling radioactive material

Our Level II-qualified inspection personnel operate in accordance with international guidelines to make sure that the highest standard visual testing method is employed.

Applus RTD can organize training, including examinations, for clients to perform visual inspection work.

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