Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing uses high frequency sound energy to examine components. Possible uses are flaw detection/characterization, precision measurements and material categorization.

Ensuring quality and integrity in new components, including service items, is vital across the industrial sector. Turnkey solutions for access, temperature, coating and material type problems are hugely important in ensuring ongoing success of operations worldwide. Piping, pressure vessels, power plant, storage tank and rail, among others, are specific areas covered by ultrasonic testing work.

Our solution
At Applus+ RTD, we have an extensive range of ultrasonic testing tools and techniques to match every inspection challenge, from simple thickness measurement to fully automated inspections.

Applus+ RTD has developed a series of industry-leading technologies that address the following key issues:

  • RTD Vessel Scan: for pressure vessel weld inspection
  • RTD RotoScan: for butt welds in new pipe inspection
  • Beetle: for storage tank wall inspection
  • Mapscan: for semi-automatic corrosion mapping around difficult geometry
  • RTD LNG Scan: for weld inspection in large grain materials
  • Lorus: for corrosion and flaw screening in storage tank annular rings/lower walls
  • RTD IWEX: An exciting new full volume precision inspection technology
  • EMAT: for corrosion screening and thickness measurement through coatings or at high temperature
  • Ultrasonic Phased Array: flexible high-resolution scanning for small to medium-size projects.
  • PIT: Pipeline Inspection Tool for unpiggable pipelines, adjustable for every challenge

Surpasses the quality delivered by manual ultrasonic scanning, which has lost favor due to inferior Probability Of Detection (POD) results. Most ultrasonic testing equipment is now semi-automatic or fully-automatic and produces an electronic record of the inspection, leading to a marked increase in POD. Electronic records can ensure code compliance, facilitate detailed audit, improve inspection integrity and most importantly promote customer confidence in the inspection method.

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