Rope access

Applus RTD delivers rope access solutions which maximize the effectiveness, safety and productivity of client assets in any environment worldwide – whatever the inspection or measurement challenge.

Operators of major structures in the energy sector – including oil and gas assets, chemical and storage facilities, nuclear and conventional power stations – must maximize production while operating according to the highest safety standards.

The same challenge faces the public and private building sector, including infrastructure such as roads and railways.

Rope access technology can help ensure that every aspect of the inspection, engineering and fabric maintenance of assets is carried out in accordance with the most stringent international standards.

Applus RTD has vast experience across its dedicated teams of highly trained and qualified NDT and inspection specialists to meet the challenge of maximizing the effectiveness, safety and productivity of client assets through rope access solutions.

Our team has industry leading capability – from project managers, NDT inspectors, riggers (Optimo, EMTA), specialist netting installers, mechanical engineers, welders, platers, pipefitters and mechanical fitters, electrical and instrumentation technicians, fabric maintenance specialists and structural specialists, to structural surveyors and examiners, and concrete repairers.

Rope access specialists play a key role in meeting NDT requirements, and can often deliver in less time than by using traditional approaches like scaffolding.

We can enhance the efficiency of client operations and keep costs at a minimum by reducing the impacts of downtime. At every stage, Applus RTD's commitment is to maintain optimum safety and productivity of client assets, people and property, as well as the environment in which they operate.

Key capabilities include:

  • Inspection and testing
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Riser and caisson tool inspection
  • Decommissioning
  • Mechanical repair and maintenance
  • Fabric maintenance and repair
  • Tension netting systems
  • Electrical installation and commissioning
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Building and structural maintenance
  • Derricks, masts and antennae
  • Project and data management
  • Rope access training
  • Rock netting/armory and soil erosion protection

Applus RTD’s rope access specialists are fully IRATA-certified and have the experience and knowledge to work in a variety of disciplines according to the highest standards of safety. Combining their abilities with our NDT (non-destructive testing) expertise, the rope access teams deliver reliable measurements through their ability and flexibility to work in virtually any environment across the full spectrum of inspection and maintenance disciplines.

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