Radiography testing

Applus RTD is a world-leading authority in radiographic testing – a technique ideally suited to the detection of imperfections in materials throughout industrial operations and applications.

Radiographic testing is used to meet the challenge of identifying issues across production assets and equipment applications in the oil and gas industry.

Our solution
Applus RTD developed the RayScan system, a real-time digital radiographic inspection system, which delivers the capability to complete a full inspection of a production pipe in a single scan rotation. The system can deliver a double wall single image (DWSI) and a single wall single image (SWSI).

Other applications are:

  • Radiographic Weld testing
  • Low Radiation Radiography (LoRa)
  • Tomographic Computer Aided (Tomocar)

RayScan is the latest development in the field and:

  • Is cost efficient, with no consumables
  • Increases safety
  • Delivers dose reduction (up to 90% in some cases)
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals or darkrooms
  • Is focused on the use of image processing tools
  • Is highly mobile
  • Offers digital archiving, reporting and transporting
  • Dramatically reduces the need for re-shoots
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