Plant Life Management

Provision of consulting and on-site services in plant life management

Predicting and managing a plant through all of its life cycle phases brings many challenges. Designers of new plant facilities are expected to predict which failure modes can be expected following construction, and how these can be managed.

The impact of maintenance and inspection activities on life expectancy and life cycle cost is another issue, while the need to extend the life cycle of older plants requires proactive management of structural problems in aging construction.

Applus RTD, in cooperation with major clients, has developed several services to assist the management of plant facilities across all life cycles, from FEED study to decommissioning.

In the FEED stage, activities may involve preparation of written schedules for the plant, as well as setting first inspection intervals. We can also provide input into design and construction methods, giving consideration to testing and inspection activity.

During construction and commissioning, Applus RTD can prepare and update program information based on the plant design and results of tests performed during construction and commissioning.

In-operation services include:

  • Updating written practices to meet current regulations
  • Updating written practices to utilize updated technologies
  • Assessment of plant condition and estimated remaining operational life
  • Assessment of on-site condition and metallurgy
  • Studies of plant facility life-extension
  • Monitoring of on-line condition
  • Review of operating data and its impact on life expectancy
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