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Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline Integrity Management is the process of managing pipeline operational risk and mitigating it effectively in order to ensure that pipeline assets are maintained in safe and reliable condition.

The major challenge of pipeline integrity management is applying, with limited resources, an appropriate level of resources, at the appropriate time, in order to ensure the continuous, safe and reliable operation of a pipeline system subject to a variety of threats, some arising in the system due to route selection, materials selection, applied construction and operating practices and some due to the environment in which the pipeline resides.

Applus RTD has been at the forefront of integrity management plan development and practice for decades. 

We offer assistance to pipeline operators with the development and implementation of Integrity Management Plans for pipelines in high-consequence areas (HCAs). Our specialists can assist in the delivery of a baseline plan. We have in-depth knowledge of hydrostatic testing, in-line inspection, defect assessment, line pipe materials, and risk ranking algorithms to formulate reasonable responses for particular pipeline segments. Our expert advice facilitates development and deployment of a prudent plan with a rational schedule for maintaining the integrity of the pipeline segments that could affect HCAs.

We can help to identify and analyze risk factors.

Applus RTD has developed complete processes for investigating and managing special problems such as pipeline dents and mechanical damage, direct assessment (DA) of stress-corrosion cracking (SCC), and pressure-cycle fatigue. We offer assistance in interpretation and prioritization of anomaly lists provided by in-line inspection vendors. We also offer training for understanding and using pipeline codes and regulations, defect assessment, repair methods, hydrostatic testing and welding. Our staff participated in the development of API standard 1160 that provides guidance to operators for integrity management plans.   

We provide unique engineering services to pipeline operators. We focus on helping to keep pipelines operating safely and reliably. With a staff of widely recognized experts in the areas of pipeline materials and the effects of defects on pipeline integrity, we are uniquely qualified to handle your difficult pipeline problems.

The scope of our activities ranges from providing advice and/or training to conducting complete pipeline integrity audits and developing optimized maintenance response plans.

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