Phased Array

Optimal defect detection… minimizing weld inspection time and maximizing safety. Phased Array is ideal for a wide range of weld inspection applications. Phased Array technology enables the highest levels of defect detection, and at the same time minimizes the time needed for inspections.
Our solution
Applications of advanced Phased Array techniques include weld inspection on vessels, piping and objects with complex geometries, as well as corrosion mapping. Reliable and fast results can also be obtained from nozzle weld and turbine component inspections, as well as from flange seals, shafts and axles. Phased array also supports accurate assessment of potential problem areas such as stress corrosion cracking.
Numerous benefits of using Phased Array
The Phased Array technique generates an ultrasonic beam whose parameters like beam angle, focal distance or size of focus point were adjusted with a software. Furthermore this beam can be multiplexed over a large array. The angle of the beam is continuous adjustable thereby a certain test area is recognized without moving the probe. The scanning technology enables rapid coverage of the volume to be inspected, faster than single probe mechanical systems can achieve. The beam with variable angle ensures the defect detection without reference to the orientation of the defects and optimisation of signal to noise ratio. High-speed scans with no moving parts. Beam forming permits selected beam angles to be optimized by orienting them perpendicular to possible defects. This is a valuable advantage in detecting and sizing of e.g. Lack of Fusion in welds.
Technical Information
The use of multiple electronic elements delivers significant advantages 
over single-probe concepts:
  • Electronic focusing to optimize beam shape and size at defect location
  • Improved defect detection and sizing
  • A wide range of inspection parameters
  • Compliance with all known codes
  • Rapid component coverage
  • Radiation protection measures are not required
  • Short test times
  • Inspection directly after welding possible
  • Inspection results immediately following the inspection digitally available
  • Imaging technique, complete recording in coloured graphic
  • Periodic inspection
  • Application full- or semiautomatic possible (e.g. with manipulator) 
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