P-Scan Stack System

AGS-2 - Automatic General Purpose Scanner for P-Scan Stack System - versatile, robust and stable inspection.
The AGS-2 is a steerable, general purpose magnetic wheel XY scanner. It is primarily designed for remote controlled weld inspection and corrosion mapping of ferritic pipes, large structures and areas with difficult access.
  • Use of standard modular scanner components
  • High X and Y speed operation
  • Geometrical flexibility
  • Curved Y-modules is available as option for longitudinal inspection of pipes
  • Steerable by means of a remote control
  • Automatic tracking by means of optional inclinometer
  • Guiding by means of magnetic guide strip and optional analog guide/proximity sensors.
The AGS-2 is very versatile, robust and stable and ideal where high speed, long Y-stroke and several probes are required, for example in:
  • key point corrosion mapping on offshore/petrochemical installations
  • inspection of components in nuclear installations
  • production control of special components
  • large vessels/spheres with no need of expensive scaffolding
  • pipes external/internal for inspection of circumferential, longitudinal or helical welds and for corrosion mapping.
The ultimate in automated ultrasonic inspection
Developed for operators by operators, the P-Scan Stack System with Phased Array delivers the highest specs of any automated ultrasonic inspection system on the market. As a result, you can perform high-precision inspections quickly and accurately – even in the most challenging environments. Combining standard Pulse Echo, TOFD and Phased Array in a highly customisable system that includes an integrated scanner controller and full battery operation, the P-Scan Stack System represents the next step in automated ultrasonic inspection.
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