INCOTEST means INsulated COmponent TEST and it was already developed in 1990 and was continuously extended and improved to the company requirements. Since 1997 the inspection system is protected by patent law by RTD. RTD INCOTEST is a search method to detect extensive material damage.
The basis for this technique is eddy current which were generated in a varying megnetic field. Basic requirement therefore is a ferritic material which posses well electrical and magnetic characteristics. The magnetic field is generated with INCOTEST by a special exciter oil, here direct contact to the tested obejct is not required. That means the coil could be on the insulation of a pipeline. For generating the magnetic field a constant voltage is conducted through the coil. The electricity will be turned off when a stable magnetic field was generated in the material. This gives the material a variable magnetic field occuring eddy currents with different frequency ranges. The strength and dwell time of eddy current in the material is determined by magnetic cahnges in the field strength, magnetic and electrical conductivity and wall thickness of the material.
Reference measurement
Because of a number of disruptive factors like different material characteristics, sampling distance, size of footsprint, insulation material and insulation thickness, temperature etc., INCOTEST is used as a comperative test method with regard to a reference measurement with one known wall thickness. This procedure compensates most of the influences so that an average wall thickness of the test volume is determined after the analysis of the measurement signals (target/actual-comparison). The inspection accuracy and the reproducibility of the measurement results are about ± 10% because of the mentioned disruptive factors.
Technical information
• INCOTEST is able to perform a large number of measurements in a short time. The pure measurement process takes approx. 5 to 20 seconds. The maximum efficiency of the measurement is up to 1,000 points per day depending on preperation and accessibility of the test object
• Reliable measurements can be achieved under all kinds of climatic conditions and environmental influences. Operating temperature of test objects have no disturbing influences. Operations in temperatures from -150°F (-100°C) to 660° F (350°C)
• In-service operation
• Material removal inspections on ferritic materials (no wall thickness measurement)
• Direct on surface or through isolation (up to 130 mm isolation thickness)
• Wall thicknesses from 6 mm to 65 mm
• Pipe diameter of 65 DN
• Cleaning and grinding operations not required
• The inspection accuracy and the reproducibility amounts ± 10% related on reference measurement
• Glass wool, rock wool, asbestos, PU foam, silicates, concrete and fire retardant fabrics have no adverse effect
• Pittings cannot be detected
• No differences between inner and outer defects
• INCOTEST is electrically safe and certified according VGB A2, no approval for for the use in hazardous areas.
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