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In Service inspection and certification

Applus+ RTD strives to contribute to the continuous optimization and cost efficient operational phase of an asset's life cycle – with a focus on safety and the environment.

Asset owners aim to achieve optimum production with minimum maintenance costs, without any loss of safety and environmental protection.

They must also comply with local and international regulations and, as a consequence, it is vital to have reliable and accurate knowledge of the asset’s condition, as well as degradation influences to which those assets are exposed. Furthermore, a realistic scope and schedule of required maintenance activities should be available.  

Our Solution
Applus RTD works in partnership with its clients to establish the scope of activities from the start of the operational phase to the end of the asset lifecycle.

We assist clients in the development of inspection and QA/QC plans in order to acquire full and relevant overviews of asset condition, using a cost-effective approach and taking into account the latest and most advanced technological solutions in NDT.

Applus RTD coordinates inspection and non-destructive testing activities, feeding results into its own, or in-house, database systems and/or risk-based inspection programs. Comprehensive results are reported and stored for further reference or analyses.

We provide consultancy on material analyses and degradation mechanisms in order to understand the root cause of failure. Advice is provided for sustainable solutions, based on fit-for-purpose analyses and remaining lifetime calculations, taking into account required regulatory compliance. 

Applus RTD provides highly qualified and experienced personnel who are experts in their field. Our organization assures flexible delivery and capacity in order to manage ad-hoc situations.

Through our worldwide network of offices and trusted partner group, which includes engineering companies, universities and other academic institutes, Applus RTD is able to deliver on any continent at short notice.

We deliver a one-stop shop solution for our clients, ensuring every detail is addressed through a consistent, single point of contact with the support of our full team of experienced project managers and supervisors.

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