Guided Waves (Wavemaker)

Guided wave technology enables volumetric screening of pipes which covers 100% of the cross sectional area of the pipe within the diagnostic length of the test.
The Wavemaker Pipe Screening System (WPSS) is a screening method by means of ultrasound. A probe ring is placed around the pipe and transmits guided waves through the pipe in either direction of the probe ring. The pulse echo type operation provides information feature position and severity.
The system is designed to operate as a screening tool that can quickly identify problem areas. When the pipe is accessible, it is frequently recommended that a detailed inspection utilizing complimentary techniques is performed at any identified corrosion areas.
Wavemaker pipe screening applications include:
  • Insulated pipe for external or internal corrosion without removing insulation other than at the test positions 
  • Pipe in racks with limited access requirements 
  • Inaccessible areas such as cased road and dike crossings 
  • Pipe passed through bund walls 
  • River crossing pipelines and jetty lines 
  • Offshore pipe-work including the riser splash zone 
  • Buried pipelines between inspection pits
The Wavemaker is suitable for use in the following conditions:
  • Seamless, longitudinally or spiral welded pipes 
  • 1' to 72' pipe sizes 
  •  Surface temperatures from -40° F to 248° F (diameter <10") and -40° F to 176° F (diameter >8") 
Benefits of the Wavemaker:
  • The test can be carried out at elevated temperatures without taking the pipe out of service 
  • 100% of the pipe is inspected within the diagnosed length of the test
  • Ability to detect metal loss and planar defect at long range
  • Metal loss may be internal or external
  • Sensitivity can be as good as 1% loss of cross-section in ideal conditions 
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