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Failure Model and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Systematic analysis of the possible failure of a system, prevention methodology and effect mitigation

Monitoring possible failures, and their associated causes, within a work system is vitally important in industrial operations. Most plants and pipelines undergo change throughout their life cycle, in terms of operations, regulatory updates and variations in maintenance, inspection and integrity planning. A key issue for owners and operators is the skills gap resulting from the departure of highly trained in-house staff.  

Applus RTD is most often involved in FMEA analysis when risk-based maintenance and inspection methodologies are implemented or updated. In many cases, we are already involved in data collection for plant facilities and are familiar with their management systems. FMEA is a proven methodology for improving performance metrics including uptime, reliability, safety and quality.

We assist in the sorting and preparation of performance records and inspection data so that FMEA teams can work more efficiently, and we are able to provide expertise in those areas where in-house specialists are unavailable.

Applus RTD can also provide high-level inspection engineers able to facilitate FMEA analysis and deliver analytical and engineering support to the team. We are able to deliver “bottom-up” and “top-down” capabilities when determining your risk and priorities.

We can also draw on wide-ranging experience in using the FMEA outcomes as an input for implementing RCM, RBI or CBM systems, and updating these systems after each maintenance cycle.

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