DTI Trekscan

A new addition to the suite of tools to inspect unpiggable pipeline. The DTI Trekscan is designed to inspect pipelines which are difficult to inspect (DTI). The Trekscan easily converts operator’s pipelines to “piggable”, saving cost while improving pipeline integrity.
DTI Trekscan is our fleet of free-floating tools, designed to traverse back to back a 1D bends with an optimum speed of 1 meter per second (2.2 mph). Due to this speed and flexibility it can run pipelines that are considered ‘Unpiggable’ with liquid. Using the latest Ultrasonic technology and design, most petroleum products, water, and crude oils can be used as a medium to run this tool. The minimum and maximum wall thickness to be measured by the tool is 2.8mm (0.1 inches) up to 50mm (2.0 inches).
Traditionally, internal inspection of unpiggable pipeline has often been cost prohibitive. Unpiggable pipeline have various attributes. The Applus+ RTD DTI Trekscan tool has addressed these limitations with the design attributes listed below:
  • Small diameter (less than 200 nb diameter)
  • Multi diameter
  • Bore restrictions – reduce port valves, step changes, transitions, capable up to and beyond 40% with dual-diameter configurations
  • Suitable for various difficult bends:
    • small radius bends (less than 1.5 D)
    • back-to-back-bends
    • mitre bends
  • No launch/receive pig trap facilities
  • Y-connections
  • Low pressure/low flow
For more information about DTI Trekscan watch the video on our Youtube-Channel:  Click here
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