Tank inspection without scaffolding Speed, reliability and precision: the BEETLE reaches everywhere where humans fail. Corrosion on the inside of a tank is one of the main reasons for leaks. The thickness of the tank wall reduces slowly. Early detection of inner corrosion can prevent production losses and expensive repairs, not to mention possible accidents.
Like a cat upwards the tank walls
The inspection of a tank wall is not an easy undertaking. Scaffolding and ladders needs to be constructed. The BEETLE makes those tasks needless it is as accurate as manual ultrasonic and records precisely the actual wall thickness.
Key applications of Beetle
Beetle inspection is an on-stream method for carrying out wall thickness measurements on storage tanks. Wall thickness inspections are carried out regularly, in order to comply with the requirements of authorities, inspection agencies and insurance companies. The frequency can be increased, if a reduction of wall thickness is observed during a measurement. At such times, it can also be decided to extend the inspection, for instance by means of Mechanised Wall thickness Mapping (find more info in the Mechanized Wall thickness Mapping folder).
As the Beetle is equipped with two powerful, individually operated electric motors, the operator is able to steer the Beetle accurately, using a joystick. The results are transferred through a cable at ground level and shown directly on the display of the UT equipment.
The Beetle is a crawler with four powerful magnet wheels, with an ultrasonic probe on the underside of the small carrier. The small carrier ‘sticks’ to the tank wall and crawls straight upwards along the outside of the tank. Paint layers or welding seams are no obstacle to the Beetle. Neither do temperatures of up to 50 °C pose any problems for this small but powerful unit. With a speed of 12 metres per minute, it crawls upwards and automatically measures with a 5 mm distance interval (every 5 mm a UT measurement is made and recorded). These measurements can then be reported with a distance interval of 10, 25, 50 or 100 cm.
Control from below
The BEETLE reaches at steel walls a heigth up to 25 meters and it is connected with the control unit by a 30 meters cable. Due to ist extremely strong magnetic force he reaches this heigth. Thick paint layers or very strong welding seams are no obstacles. Speed and direction were controlled from the ground floor by a joy stick which is located at the control unit. Two powerful, individually operated electric motors ensure a high level on manoeuvrability. The power supply is done by a 24 V battery pack which enables an uninterrupted one-day session (alternative there is a 220V/550V portable generator).
Speed, reliability and precision: the BEETLE makes it possible
  • no ladders and scaffolding
  • faster measurement of wall thickness by lower testing costs
  • high level of precision
  • no difficulties with paint layers and weld seams
  • remote control unit with joy stick
  • results can be read via LEDs
  • results can be printed at all times or periodically
  • robust and portable system
  • Cost savings
In the past, you had to build high scaffolds or rent abseiling equipment, in order to perform manual ultrasonic measurements. This is a labour intensive and time consuming job. The Beetle developed by Applus+ RTD, will crawl upwards along the wall and will measure the wall thickness at great speed. You are no longer required to build scaffolds and/or rent abseiling equipment.
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