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Kreab Gavin Anderson
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Francisco Calderón


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  • P-Scan Stack System; zerstörungsfreie Prüfung; Ultraschall; Phased Array; ZfP

    Applus+ RTD comes up with a new tool

    A new tool enables Applus+ RTD to perform inspections more quickly and accurately on isolated objects - even in the most challenging environments. A combination of an easy to handle and quickly adaptable system which is equipped with an integrated scanner controller and fully battery operation and in combination with a scanner based on Phased Array inspection procedures were performed more quickly. With the highest dynamic range and amplitude resolution available, you know you’ll never miss a signal. The high frequency range and pulser voltage of the Phased Array channels enable you to inspect a wide range of materials, including challenging materials that you couldn’t previously inspect. The solution is called: P-Scan Stack System with AGS-2 scanner.

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