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Successful launch at Pipeline Forum


The Jade Hochschule in Oldenburg became once again the most important meeting place. The 29th Oldenburg Pipeline Forum the well-known information interchange took place on 19. and 20. February 2015. The theme was ‘Pipelines in heat and energy transport’ and attracted countless of visitors from throughout the industry.
Just as they have done for the past 16 years, the representatives of Applus RTD presented the company's latest Technology with the exhibition booth which was located in its usual place: 1.OG-M-03. Interested visitors were informed this year about a variety of techniques. A big attraction was the snake formed tool - the DTI Trekscan. The intelligent pig is using the latest ultrasonic technology and is currently under development at Applus RTD.
The pig for nominal size 8'' to 10'' is equipped with 160 sensors and is a free-floating tool which can run pipelines generally considered 'unpiggable' with liquid. The tool runs with an Optimum speed of 1 meter per second (2.2 mph) through filled pipelines. The minimum and maximum wall thickness to be measured by the tool is minimum 2.8 mm (0.1 inches) up to 50 mm (2.0 inches). Due to its agile and flexible construction the DTI traverses back to back a 1D bends. Because of the enormously density of sensors small internal and external pipe defects (pitting as of 5.0 mm) were detected and determined with a high grade of accuracy.
"It was a successful platform for the introduction of the DTI tool in this region", Regio Manager Nord Eike Lindau and Business Development Manager from Global Project Services (GPS) Francesco Sorrentino agreed. "We have been in touch with several utilities and have been able to build initial contacts with companies from the East. Appointments have already been scheduled which will help strengthen relationships. Nevertheless, we were able to make the first contacts here as well."
Besides the DTI Trekscan the PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool) was also presented. In contrast to the wireless DTI tool, the PIT passes self-powered through pipelines. The ultrasonic based PIT is especially applicable for Long pipelines. With a speed of 500 m per hour it overcomes distances of over 20 km and more. Due to the real time analyses the collected data of the pipeline's inner where showed in a 3D representation. There the remaining wall thickness, dents and internal and external corrosions were shown. PIT is therefore a significant support in the on-site evaluation and for making further decisions.
In addition to the in-service inspection tools for the inside inspection another system for weld inspection was presented. The exhibited HSTM-compact scanner from Olympus was equipped with two ToFD and two Phased Array probes. With this equipment the system is a reliable and quick solution for welding inspection on metal sheets or pipelines with an outer diameter from more than 4.5''. In this configuration it is possible to detect the complete weld volume with only one scan (depending on the wall thickness). ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) and Phaes Array are computer-based, automated or also partially mechanized imaging ultrasonic methods. ToFD is able to characterize indications (discontinuities or weld defects) in length, depth and height relatively accurate. By using Phased Array the direction of the sound beam can controlled electronically very fast. The electronic focusing of the sound beam enables a targeted inspection of determined welding positions. The possibility of recording the scan data is a great advantage especially for periodic testing.
The various techniques and latest developments have attracted many visitors and enabled constructive discussions. We are glad that the Oldenburg Pipeline Forum has been very positive. We would like to thank all customers and visitors for their attendance at our booth and we are delighted to present you our innovations next year.

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