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Oldenburg Pipeline Forum 2015


In February 2015 the Jade University in Oldenburg will become again the most important information exchange in this industry. Numerous experts and exhibitors come together at the 29th Oldenburger Pipeline Forum, which is themed in these days “Pipelines in head and energy transfer”. Applus RTD is placed at its customary location and will welcome your visit!
Weld inspection with ToFD at IRO 2015
This year we present to you the ToFD-system – a reliable and quick solution for weld inspection especially for thick-walled pipelines. ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) a computerized, automated as well partially mechanized imaging ultrasonic testing method. Especially for recurrent tests the recording of data is a great advantage. In partially mechanized use a hand scan is moved along the weld, equipped with a pair of ToFD probes, and is therefore flexible used. The results were displayed in form of a B image where depth extension and longitudes of indicators were assessed online and evaluated.
Also, we will use this opportunity to inform you about our DTI Trekscan (Difficult To Inspect), a new pipeline inspection tool, of which we are in the final stage of completing the production it. This free floating ultrasonic tool is available for nominal sizes from 6’’ to 8’’. The tool is equipped with 160 sensors and moves with a maximum speed of 1,2 m/sec. through liquid filled pipelines. Due to the high sensor density, small internal and external defects (pitting up to 5,0 mm) were detected and sized with high accuracy. The minimum and maximum wall thickness to be measured by the tool is 2,8 mm up to 50 mm. The DTI Trekscan negotiates back to back 1 D bends which is another key feature of our tool.
Did we spark your curiosity and would you like to learn more about it? Visit us at our customary location:
Applus RTD Standnummer: 1.OG-M-03 (1. Obergeschoß)
Institut für Rohrleitungsbau
an der Fachhochschule Oldenburg e.V.
Ofener Straße 18, 26121 Oldenburg
We look forward to seeing you there!

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