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Applus+ RTD comes up with a new tool

A new tool enables Applus+ RTD to perform inspections more quickly and accurately on isolated objects - even in the most challenging environments. A combination of an easy to handle and quickly adaptable system which is equipped with an integrated scanner controller and fully battery operation and in combination with a scanner based on Phased Array inspection procedures were performed more quickly. With the highest dynamic range and amplitude resolution available, you know you’ll never miss a signal. The high frequency range and pulser voltage of the Phased Array channels enable you to inspect a wide range of materials, including challenging materials that you couldn’t previously inspect. The solution is called: P-Scan Stack System with AGS-2 scanner.
P-Scan Stack System is the lightest and most flexible all-in-one ultrasonic inspection system on the market. The unique click-and-play stack system enables you to configure your set-up for any job in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable time between scans. The extremely fast data processing, which allows a non-stop scan also on major structures and examination areas, and the coloured representation of test results for example at comprehensive corrosion mapping which makes the reduction of wall thickness directly visible, saves not only time but is especially suited for periodic inspections and monitoring. The light and flexible system with its compact design and its battery life up to 8 hours is particularly suitable for operations in the field and on difficult to access objects. 
In combination with the steerable XY scanner AGS-2 (Automatic General Purpose Scanner) which is primarily designed for remote controlled weld inspection and corrosion mapping of ferritic pipes, large structures and areas with difficult access, Applus+ RTD finally found the optimal solution.
In dependence on the size the configurable scanner (modular construction) can be used for inner and outer inspections. The system can be used combined or individually either for pulse echo method, ToFD and/or Phased Array technique. For example equipped with two 64 channel Phased Array sensors enables the scanner a comprehensive and quick meandering tracking especially of large areas. All data were safed and represented in a meaningful documentation (coloured scan image). The crawler reaches a speed up to 70 mm/ sec. in x direction and up to 200 mm/ sec. in y direction. The minimised water consumption for coupling underlines the benefits of the system.
With this system combination Applus+ RTD expands and accelerated its range of applications for tank inspection. For determination of residual wall thickness on tank walls and tank roofs only a minimal preperation is necessary: no construction of scaffolds and for short-term applications the installation of power and water supply can be dispensed with. With the use of P-Scan Stack System with AGS-2 scanner from FORCE Technology the process of corrosion measurment can be greatly accelerated.

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