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How to be an Applus´supplier

Applus+ offers a website for auto-registration at the disposal of those companies that want to become suppliers of the Group.

The below steps must be followed to complete the registration:

  • Completion of the registration template
  • Once the registration template has been received, the Applus+ procurement managing corporate team will revise it with the submitted information and will proceed to:
    • Authorize the request of registration, thereby allowing the supplier to enter our system as a potential supplier.
    • Or not to authorize the request of registration, in the event that the information is not completed or if the above mentioned request does not meet Applus'+ requirements.

For further information please see How to be How to be an Applus+ supplier


Portal of the Supplier

How do I access?

If you have already registered as a supplier of the Applus+ Group and want to access the Portal, you must do so through:

  • The following link:
  • Introducing your password in the space enabled for it.
  • If you want to modify the information of your user, select the option "Own information".
  • If you are an administrator user of the company, and want to modify the information of your company, select the option "Information of Company". This option will allow you to attach files regarding your company, which may be of use for Applus+.

What can I do in the portal?

The following actions can be undertaken in the supplier´s portal:

  • To update and maintain information of the company such as:
    • Address, communication, bank account and fiscal details.
    • To complete and/or to consult the qualification/homologation questionnaires that have been sent.
    • Maintenance of the information for the users of your company who can access the portal.
  • Answer to biddings launched by Applus+ to which you have been invited.

For further information please visit Completion of Supplier Registration


General Conditions of Purchase of Applus+

Please access the following link to view the General Conditions of Purchase of RTD in English or in German.

For further information please click on Applus+ Suppliers Portal


Supplier Portal

Suppliers Auto Register